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Somaliland concerned about maritime security

HARGEISA (SD) -Somaliland has expressed concern over recent acts of piracy in the Red Sea and said it has strengthened maritime security.

Somaliland has said it is concerned about the economic and social impact of the increased illegal activity in the Red Sea, which it says could cause inflation in the cost of living, as well as an increase in insurance premiums. ships in the State.

The statement said that Somaliland, which has a coastline of 850 km and is protected by its army, has taken measures to prevent acts of piracy and smuggling from its shores.

Somaliland said that it is committed to strengthening the security and safety of its sea, trade area, and economic boundaries while maintaining legal principles under international regulations.

Finally, it is stated in the text that Somaliland is ready to cooperate with the neighboring governments of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, to prevent insecurity and the creation of a maritime threat in the region.

This statement comes at a time when the outgoing government in Somaliland has lost control of many areas and the security situation is getting out of control.

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