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Puntland to hold traditional elections, not one-person-one-vote

GAROWE (SD-President Said Deni officially declared today that the Puntland elections will be held on January 8, 2024, adhering to the previous indirect election system of 66 parliamentarians picking the president.

In a comprehensive statement at the Presidential Palace, President Deni announced that the election would follow the previous system of 66 parliamentarians, emphasizing that he is not pleased with the decision but is accepting it for the stability of Puntland.

On the other hand, the political parties in Puntland who supported the one-person-one-vote elections said that they also compromised for the stability and peace of Puntland and supported the traditional led elections.

Deni’s remarks concluded the deep-rooted conflict over the election process in Puntland, where he has been pushing for a new approach than what some opposition groups advocated for.

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