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Somaliland Confirms More Than 7,000 Accidents In The Last 11 Months

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland Minister of Transport and Road Development Abdirizak Ibrahim Mohamed (Atash) said accidents in the country over the past 11 months have skyrocketed.

Somaliland’s Minister of Transport and Road Development says there have been more than 7,000 car accidents in the country in less then a year.

The minister added that the death toll has risen to an alarming level, while the number of injuries have also risen to a catastrophic levels.

“In less than 11 months, there have been nearly seven thousand accidents, more than two hundred and sixty people killed, more than four hundred and seventy injured. governments and countries at war to ensure that these injuries, suffering and loss do not occur. Said Minister Atash.

Adding that “ These stats makes Somaliland look like a war torn country, the purpose of the meeting is to save ourselves, our people and our property”.

The increasing number of accidents is due to poor road conditions in Somaliland coupled with inexperienced drivers.

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