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Somaliland continues arresting opposition candidates

Hargeisa (SD) – Arrests of Somaliland opposition party candidates have increased in recent days, with some being arrested and others being issued warrants for their arrests.

The targeted candidates are running for the House of Representatives and constituencies in the May 31st general election.

The Somaliland Police Force has issued a statement detailing the reasons for the detention of some local council and representative candidates in the upcoming Somaliland election.

“Over the past 40 days, the police have received a number of allegations against the candidates, including forgery of certificates and other accusations. The police investigation revealed that crimes had been committed and that they had committed fraud in accordance with Articles 371,373, and 375 of the Penal Code.” said the statement from the Police Force.

The Police statement added “The police have presented sufficient evidence to the prosecution and the courts that the above crime took place, part of which is nearing the end of the trial and part of which is just beginning.”
Police say there are other candidates whom they have a warrant for their arrest, including women candidates in Togdher region.”

The imprisonment of these candidates was strongly condemned by both the National Opposition Parties, who said they would not tolerate the imprisonment of their candidates.

Meanwhile, the Somaliland Human Rights Commission has called for the immediate release of candidate Kasim Adan Saleban, who is being held in Hargeisa.

The commission also called on government agencies not to arrest candidates on the official list of the Somaliland Electoral Commission.

“Candidates, Electoral Officers as well as Party Representatives cannot be arrested during the election process, If not caught red-handed, ”said a statement from the Somaliland National Human Rights Commission.

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