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Al-Shabaab chairman of Banadir region: international community are not sincere in their intervention

Mogadishu (SD) – The chairman of Al-Shabaab in Benadir region, Muse Abdi Arale spoke about the ongoing conflict between the outgoing federal government leaders and members of the opposition.

In an interview with the group’s media, Muse Abdi blamed President Farmajo for the incident, saying it was unfortunate that people had been displaced from their homes in the heat of summer.

The Al-Shabaab official also said that neither side cares for the people of Mogadishu, adding that the warring factions in Mogadishu had their own interests.

“It does not look like they will come to an agreement, because Farmajo is gathering troops from Galgadud, Gedo, Bay and Hiran to fight. The opposition understands that and are making new plans and they are preparing for war. Farmajo is playing games and don’t think they will come to an agreement.” He told Al-Shabab media.

He added, “The people of Mogadishu are civilized, they are not to be underestimated. I say to the people of Mogadishu, do not be discouraged. You know the people who want to restore your dignity.”

The al-Shabaab leader said the international community are not sincere in their intervention, but is now worried about the distraction of the forces they built.

“These groups initially invested heavily in AMISOM, when they failed to respond to our attacks. They have turned their attention to investing heavily in the formation of the Somali army, so now the foreigners are not worried that Somalis killing themselves, they are saddened by the destruction of the farm they were cultivating, and the forces they created were divided among the tribal lines, that’s what they’re saying and complain about.” He said.

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