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Somaliland: Court Releases Some of the Detained journalists

HARGEISA (SD) – Some of the recently arrested journalists in Hargeisa have been released, following an acquittal decision by Marodi-jeex Regional Court .

Some of these journalists were arrested while covering prison riots at Hargeisa Central Jail, while others were arrested at their media outlets.

Of the close to 20 arrested journalist in Hargeisa, 16 were released so far, while at least three remain in prison.

The journalists still in custody are MMTV owner Mohamed Abdi Sheikh Ilig, HCTV journalist Abdijabar Mohamed Hussein and Gobonimo TV’s Abdirahman Ali Khalif (Indho-Adde).

The journalists released today told the press today that their freedom is not complete while the other three journalists are remain an illegal custody.

“A lot of people may think we’re happy with our release, but we’re really not happy, because three of our friends are still in jail,” said Hassan Hassan Galaydh of the BBC.

The released Journalists also complained about the way they were arrested while on duty.

“We were detained in front of the Hargeisa Central Jail. We did not really record or take any pictures, We wanted to check the situation then report on it” said Hassan Galaydh.

The arrested journalists were accused by the government of lying about the facts of the prison riot, but the court decided otherwise.

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