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Somaliland: Dispute Committee Suggests Simultaneous Elections

HARGEISA (SD) – A committee of Somaliland’s largest businessmen, believed to have been organized by the presidency, suggested the presidential and the political organization elections be held at the same time and reportedly be extended by two years.

The committee parroting President Bihi, said that they consider their proposal to be a solution to the dispute in the country’s elections.

Abdirashid Mohamed Saeed (Dahabshiil) who spoke on the behalf of the president backed mediation committee, suggested that the remaining members of the election committee should be completed as soon as possible.

He added that by holding the elections simultaneous will ease the financial burden of the elections, and requested that the legislative councils help in their suggestion.

There are reports that this committee, which has the confidence of President Muse Bihi, has included in their proposal that the President should be given an extension.

The committee has recently met separately with the political parties and the speakers of the Guurti and the House of representatives, but released no info on their discussions.

At least one of the businessmen in the Committee is the head of a telecommunications company and is accused of colluding with the Presidency by cutting off communications during the August 11, 2022 protest.

This latest Mediation Committee, did not say if they have been given full confidence to conciliate the dispute, but said their proposals are only suggestions.

The opposition parties held pro-election protests in the country on August 11, 2022, in which people died and vowed to continue their rallies.

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