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Somaliland: Election talks between Opposition Parties and Muse Bihi Fails

HARGEISA (SD) – Leaders of the Somaliland opposition parties and the Somaliland president held a meeting in Hargeisa last night to discuss the election dispute.

The meeting between leaders of the opposition parties Wadani, UCID and the ruling party Kulmiye focused on the presidential election scheduled for November 13, 2022.

Leaders of Somaliland’s opposition parties walked out of the meeting last night after disagreements with the Kulmiye party over the conduct of the presidential election and the election commission.

The chairman of the UCID party, Faisal Ali Warabe who spoke to the media blamed President Muse Bihi for the failure, adding that the president made it clear he intends to postpone the presidential election.

“The president is not ready to hold an election. We have proposed that the election to take place on November 13, but the president was angry and did not want to compromise.” said the UCID Chairman.

The main opposition Wadani Party says it proposed five points to President Muse Bihi but refused to consider them.

“We have not agreed on any of the points we have made. We have not agreed on anything. We left without reaching an agreement.” said Wadani chairman Hirsi Hassan.

The opposition parties told the public that President Bihi and the Kulmiye party have no intention of holding the presidential election and that could destabilize Somaliland.

President Bihi and cabinet members have repeatedly asserted that they intend to register new parties rather than hold the November presidential elections, a decision that ratcheted up possibility of violence in Somaliand.

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