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Somaliland Electoral Commission elects leadership

Hargeisa September 17, 2022 (SD) – Somaliland Electoral Commission held its first meeting in Hargeisa today, electing the leadership of the committee.

Muse Hassan Yusuf was elected today the Chairman of the Somaliland Electoral Commission, while Ahmed Osman Hassan was elected as his deputy and Abdiasis Hirsi Warsame as the Speaker of the committee.

We are asking the honorable community of Somaliland to pray for us, may God help us to lead the Somaliland Nation to a victory that will go down in history.” said newly elected spokesperson Mr. Warsame.

The members of the Somaliland Elections Committee are responsible for holding the upcoming elections in Somaliland despite the ongoing electoral dispute gripping the country.

The opposition parties in the country are strongly opposed to the political parties elections preceding the presidential election.

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