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Al Shabaab blame U.S for death of Clan leaders

Beledweyne September 17, 2022 (SD) A mine explosion hit a vehicle in Cagoole, 45 Km South of Beledweyne, with passengers were mostly Nabad-Doono (Clan Elders). 

A statement issued by the Federal Government of Somalia, said that the blast killed four, mostly Clan Elders.

Clan Elder, Yusuf Fidow Farah and his son Ibrahin Yusuf Fidow, Clan Elder Mukhtar Haji and Clan Elder Hassan Hussein known as Lugayare, all died in the explosion. 

Since the national Army forces, joined forces with the Local Community Forces, Al-Shabaab group increased its attacks on civilians, including landmines buried roads between Beledweyne, Mahaas, Matabaan and Buulaburte.

The mines explosions caused many civilian casualties traveling on private and public transports, with people who died due to land mines explosions for the past two months estimated to be more than 15. 

On the other hand, the Al-Shabaab group released a statement claimed that the Clan leaders died in an attack carried out by U.S drones.

“American planes bombed a vehicle that Clan leader Yusuf Fidow was traveling in. The traditional elders and civilians who died traveling from Beledweyne district to Buq-Aqable district in Hiran region,” Al-Shabaab media reported.

There are no independent source to confirm whether the explosion was caused by a mine planted by Al-Shabaab or if it was caused by a US drone strike.

Reports says that all the deceased were all summoned by Al-Shabaab group as Clan Elders, and were on their way to Buq-Aqable, Hiiraan region, heading to the Islamic Court run by the extremist’s. 

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