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Somaliland electoral delegates to elect six senators today

MOGADISHU (SD) – Dozens of electoral delegates hailing from Somaliland will today elect six members of the Upper House of the Somali Parliament ahead of country.

Somaliland’s interim elections body has released the list of 13 candidates who will vie for six senatorial seats.

During today’s election, the outgoing Upper House Speaker Abdi Hashi Abdillahi will face Said Omar Hussein to retain his seat.

The second seat will be contested by Salah Ahmed Jama, FGS Constitution Minister and former Chief Justice Ibrahim Lidle Saleban. Both candidates worked with the government led by the outgoing president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo.

 Two well-known Professor, Mohamed Mohamud Allabari and Abdi Ismail Samatar as well as third cadidate Abdirahman Osman Ali will contest for the fourth seat.

The remaining list of candidates include:

  1. Osman Abokor Dubbe

Abdikarim Mohamed Hassan

  1. Layla Ahmed Ismail

Mohamed Mohamud Abdi

  1. Bilal Idris Abdilahi

Zeinab Ahmed Boqore

On Tuesday, all candidates addressed the electoral electoral over their respective manifestos.

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