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Somali national killed in South Africa

MOGADISHU (SD) – A Somali trader and a South African woman were last night killed after armed men stormed a shop in Limpopo region of South Africa.

According to  south African police, the assailants broke into the shop before confronting with the owner of the shop who was identified as Ahmed.

The gunmen reportedly killed the owner of the shop and the woman who was said to be a shop attendant.

Unknown amount of cash and other valuable things were reprotedly robbed during the attack in Ga-Mawa Block 7 near Tzaneen

The police arrived at the scene but no one was arrest in connection with the attack.

For years, South African police have been accused of being complicit in attacks against immigrants.

The move prompted many immigrants including Somalis to possess illegal arms in a desperate attempt to defend themselves and their properties against gangs.

Dozens of Somalis have been killed in South Africa for the past few years. 

Many of them have had their businesses robbed and seriously wounded.

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