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Somaliland: Essential Consumer Prices have Risen

Hargeisa (SD) – Prices for essential commodities in Somaliland have reached record highs in recent years, according to a recent study by the Horn of Africa Newspaper.

Various essential commodities, each of which has contributed to almost the same amount as before, reflect the current level of inflation in Somaliland’s cities.

The Horn of Africa newspaper interviewed some of the traders in the Central Market of Hargeisa and asked them about the current and past food prices, confirming that food prices had risen sharply, although they did not point to clear causes of the inflation.

For example, they told the Newspaper, a bag of sugar that used to go for $26 now costs $ 30 to $ 31, a flour used to cost $22 now costs $26, a bag of rice that used to cost $27, now costs $27. Also the price of crude oil used to be $25, now it is $29, and the carton of pasta, which used to be $8, is now $9.5, according to the Horn of Africa Newspaper.

The reason for the high food prices are not clear as per the report, and the Somaliland government, particularly the Ministry of Commerce, has not yet commented on the issue.

Opposition parties have repeatedly accused the Somaliland government of failing to control inflation

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