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Somaliland, Ethiopia to have commercial Vehicle insurance

Hargeisa (SD) – Officials from the Somaliland National Insurance Corporation met with officials from the Ethiopian Insurance Corporation, the country’s largest insurance service provider.

The officials were accompanied by the management of Amana Insurance, a company operating in Somaliland.

During the meeting, the companies signed an agreement with the Somaliland National Insurance Agency to facilitate the flow of traffic between the two countries.

The Somaliland Insurance Agency has been working for some time to establish trade relations between Somaliland and Ethiopian insurance companies, to make it easier for vehicles using the Berbera Corridor to cross into Ethiopia.

The chairman of the Somaliland National Insurance Corporation Saleban Awad Ali (Bukhari) who spoke at the meeting said that they are very happy that today they signed an agreement with the Ethiopian national insurance company.

He noted that the agreement will enable traffic to travel easily between the two sides, without any disruption.

He added that vehicles belonging to Somaliland that need to operate in remote areas of Ethiopia are insured and operate efficiently in the neighboring country.

The chairman of Ethiopian Insurance, Nasanet Lemsa, said he welcomes the establishment of a partnership between insurance companies in Somaliland and Ethiopia.

“We have come to Somaliland to sign an agreement with Amano Insurance, and the chairman of the Somaliland Insurance Agency established the needed terms and conditions, in order to carry out this task,” said the chairman of Ethiopian insurance.

The manager of Amana Insurance, Abdikarin Ahmed Gaas, said that they hope that there will be a good insurance cooperation between Somaliland and Ethiopia.

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