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Al-Shabaab retakes Amara and Ba’adweyne areas

Mogadishu (SD) – Al-Shabaab has recaptured Ba’adweyne and Amara areas in Mudug region, following the voluntary withdrawal of Galmudug and Somali federal government forces.

Witnesses confirms that Al-Shabaab has returned to the region, without any fighting as the government forces left town.

Al-Shabaab also said claimed that they had also taken control of Qaycad, Shabelle, Sabeena, Gowra, Gaday and Las Gaamaye areas.

The Somali National Army and Galmudug forces have not commented on the capture of Ba’adweyne and Amara areas and the reason for their withdrawal.

It was just last Tuesday, Somali government and Galmudug state forces recaptured the town of Amara in Mudug region, which had been under al-Shabaab control for some time after heavy fighting.

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