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Somaliland: Former Chairman quits electoral commission

HARGEISA (SD) – Former Somaliland Electoral Commission Chairman Abdirashid Riyorac resigned from the commission on what some are calling a coordinated effort to dismantle the country’s electoral process by Muse Bihi’s government.

The move is seen as a last dich effort by the government to disrupt the electoral process and postpone the November 2022 presidential election.

Riyorac, who was previously rejected by the opposition, led the successful local and parliamentary elections last year.

The former chairman of the Somaliland Electoral Commission has been voted out from his post with the committee electing a new chairperson.

The ruling party has already persuaded their other members of the electoral commission to resign.

In Somaliland, there is widespread organizing of a pro-democracy protests by the two official opposition parties, with the government vowing to crackdown such rallies.

Opposition and government are in a deep political crisis due to President Bihi’s attempt to scrap the country’s revered electoral process.

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