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Somaliland: Commander Dabagale threatens pro-democracy protesters

HARGEISA (SD) – Somaliland police have been placed on high alert following a pro-democracy protests recently called by Somaliland opposition parties.

Somaliland Police Chief Mohamed Aden Saqadhi Dabagale, speaking to police officers in Hargeisa, threatened to crack down on anyone taking part in constitutional demonstrations in support of the country’s electoral process.

“There will be no protest, stay in your homes. We will crack down on those who take part in the protests,” said Commander Dabagale, who seem to be addressing supporters of the opposition parties.

The commander added, “From now on, we will put our forces on high alert and prepare for any incident that could lead to violence in the country.”

Somaliland’s opposition parties Waddani and UCID, said at a recent press conference in Hargeisa that they would hold peaceful and legal demonstrations to save the country’s electoral process and democracy.

Opposition parties have stated that the yet to be recognized country is facing a dictatorship, following president Bihi’s dismantling of the electoral process of the country.

President Bihi is said to be set on postponing the November presidential election and is favoring registering new and weaker associations to run against, a move deemed unconstitutional that could lead to violence.

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