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Somaliland: Four new members of the Electoral Commission sworn in

HARGEISA (SD) – The Chairman of the Supreme Court of Somaliland, today swore in the four members of the National Electoral Commission recently approved by the House of Representatives.

Today’s swearing in of the four members of the National Electoral Commission follows a rejection by the House of Representatives of the other three members of the commission appointed by the President to the Electoral Commission.

The former Somaliland Electoral Commission have all resigned following pressure from the Somaliland presidency, according to sources close to the commission.

Somaliland’s House of Representatives has passed a law against reappointing rejected members for confirmation, after news surfaced that President Bihi intended to reappoint all three rejected appointees.

The swearing in of the 4 members also comes at a time when Somaliland is embroiled in an electoral dispute over President Muse Bihi’s desire to extend his term and register new and weak political parties.

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