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Somaliland Funds Development Projects in Badhan

BADHAN (SD)-The government of the Republic of Somaliland has laid the foundation stone for development projects in Dhahar district in Badhan region, which will be implemented by the local government of the district.

The projects, which will be implemented in Bali-busle and Kala-Dhah districts with the participation of community leaders.

Dhahar District Mayor Abdirashid Duale Ali laid the foundation stone for a new fence to be built around the Bali-busle primary school.

Residents of the area welcomed the mayor and his delegation to the city and expressed concerns about their need for urgent national action.

Local elders, academics and local government officials thanked the government for the various projects implemented in the district and said the school fence would go a long way in maintaining and renovating the school.

Abdirashid Duale Ali, said that during the presidency of President Muse Bihi many development programs were implemented in Dhahar District, for which he thanked the government.

“We are very grateful to the President of the Republic of Somaliland and his Government for implementing many projects in Dhahar during his tenure,” he said, adding that “there are other projects planned for 2022 and several more already underway.”

In addition, the mayor of Dhahar district laid the foundation stone for two more classrooms in Kala-Dhac area, and the event was attended by the headmaster of the school, government officials and public speakers, who praised the mayor and the government.

Speaking at the event, Mayor Duale pointed out that the expansion of the school was due to local needs. “There is a great need for the village to increase the number of classrooms. This is the second school we are laying the foundation stone for this trip. The projects have been provided by the Somaliland government,” he added.

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