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Somaliland government and traditional elders appoint investigative committees to the killings in Sool region

Hargeisa (SD) – The 79th session of the Somaliland Council of Ministers, chaired by President Bihi, appointed a committee to look into the recurring killings in Las Anod.

Somaliland’s Minister of Security Mohamed Kahin Ahmed briefed the council on the security situation in Somaliland, especially in Sool region, with the Council then agreeing that a committee to investigate the insecurity situation in the region.

“The Minister of Security briefed the Council of Ministers on the country’s general security. The Minister spoke specifically of the security situation in Sool region, and shared information on the recurrent killings in the region and the council has set up a committee that will investigate.” Said a released statement.

The security situation in the Sool region has declined in the past few months as a number of officials in the Somaliland government and the local council in Las Anod district have been assassinated by unknown assailants.

The elders of Las Anod, who have been holding a security meetings said yesterday, that they had appointed an independent security committee for the killings in Las Anod.

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