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President Farmajo and PM Roble escalate their differences

Mogadishu (SD) – President Farmajo today issued a decree suspending the powers of Prime Minister Roble, after accusing him of issuing sole decisions that are not in accordance with the laws and the Constitution of the country.

President Farmajo has banned Prime Minister Roble’s office in issuing communiques, especially dismissals or appointments, pending the completion of the country’s elections, placing that responsibility in the hands of the appointed Independent Commissions.

“As the FGS Prime Minister has violated the Provisional Constitution, the powers of the Prime Minister and all correspondence, especially dismissals or appointments, have been suspended, pending the completion of the country’s elections, ”said a statement from President Farmajo.

President Farmajo accused Prime Minister Roble of deviating from his mandate of overseeing elections and electoral security.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister of Somalia, Mohamed Hussein Roble has strongly reacted to the decree issued by President Farmajo today.

PM Roble described the decree issued by the office of the President, as a violation of the country’s constitution.

“A statement from the president’s statement titled suspension powers of the Prime Minister and the accelerated election of the country, clearly violates the constitution and clearly misquotes articles 87 and 90 of the Constitution and nowhere mentions that the President can interfere with the constitutional powers of the Prime Minister and his Government.” Said Roble.

Adding “The Federal Government of Somalia promises the Somali people and the international community to focus on completing the elections, maintaining security, and maintaining order in a peaceful transition of power.”

The latest statements from the President and the PM seem to have further escalated the rift between the two leaders, further jeopardising the country’s stability.

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