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Somaliland Government asks Gurti expedite approval of electoral law

HARGEISA (SD) -The Somaliland government has requested the House of Elders (Gurti) to expedite the approval of the comprehensive electoral law.

Minister of Information, Ali Hassan Mohamed (Ali Mareexaan), speaking to the media, stated that the government has decided to implement the comprehensive electoral law agreed upon.

The minister mentioned that the House of Elders plays a crucial role in its approval, and although they are currently preoccupied with their duties, they are urged to prioritize reviewing and approving the law.

He emphasized the importance of the House of Elders in ensuring the unity and peaceful coexistence of the nation.

The House of Elders in Somaliland has been reviewing the approval of the comprehensive electoral law for a while, and this move has been perceived by the opposition as an attempt by the government to influence the election process.

The opposition argues that the government aims to control the electoral process through the House of Elders.

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