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Somaliland Government dismisses Electoral Mediation Committee and its proposal as Opposition driven

HARGEISA (SD) – Somaliland Government rejected the proposal by a group of businessmen mediating the election dispute, saying that the businessmen were working for the interests of opposition Party Waddani.

The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Somaliland Abdillahi Hussein Mohamed, gave an exclusive interview to Horyaal TV, dismissed the proposal by calling it politically lopsided.

The change in the government, comes after the businessmen failed to secure a two year extension for President Muse Bihi.

It is worth noting that the committee spokesperson, Abdirashid Dahabshiil is been long suspected to be the ruling party Kulmiye’s chief financier.

The minister, on the other hand, divided the committee along clan lines and accused all of the members except for one of being part of the opposition Waddani party, an accusation we were not able to verify.

“First of all, the businessmen are good and mature men, but 5 of them belonged to Waddani and I think they are Waddani,” said Minister Abdullahi Hussein.

The minister also pointed out that the businessmen consulted lawyers who campaign for Waddani Party, and that is why the their proposal is flawed.

Somaliland’s opposition parties UCID and Waddani have fully welcomed the Committee proposals, while the presidency and its new registered political organizations have rejected them.

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