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Somaliland government plans to relocate factories in the capital

Hargeisa (SD) – The Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism of Somaliland, Mohamud Hassan Sa’ad (Saajin), told the House of Elders that the government is planning to move Factories out of residential areas in Hargeisa.

The Minster said the government is planning to move them to Geed Deeble, a region just the outskirts of the Capital.

Minister Saajin stated that the designated region for all industries currently operating in the capital will have all the various services necessary for industrial production.

“The Minister of Finance and I have been working together to set up an industrial hub in Geed Deeble, where they can share electricity and share other services.” Minister Saajin said.

He added that it would do much to improve the capital’s environment and the challenges facing landowners in the country.

The chairman of the standing committee of the Somaliland House of Elders, Dayib Hassan Ahmed, thanked the minister for responding to their request to answer questions.

The Somaliland capital has seen an steady increase in the number of manufacturing plants built in residential areas in the Capital.

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