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Somaliland Government rejects scholarships linked to Somalia

HARGEISA Friday Sept 02,2022 (SD) –  Somaliland has rejected the allocation of education scholarships given by Somalia.

Deputy Minister of Education of Somaliland, Abdihakin Saeed Muse Bustale, who spoke to state media, said that Somaliland and Somalia are two independent states, describing the scholarship as political.

Somalia Federal Government received free university scholarship donation from Egypt, and the Ministry of Education, Cultural and Higher Education made it donation public. 

The free scholarships from the Egyptian government had been fairly distributed to all Federal Member States including Somaliland and was the info was released publicly in drafted paper from the ministry.

however, its public release, it created a huge anger, and emotional debate in Somaliland, and specially on social media with Somalilanders accusing the government of high treason.

Wadani Party has always been accused and labelled by President Muse Bihi and Kulmiye ruling party to have connections with Somalia, but The Government was the actual once having direct connections with Somalia.  

Following all the noise created by the free university scholarships, Somaliland Education Vice Minister held a press conference and rejected the educational scholarships for Somaliland students.

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