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Somaliland: Health center established in Samakaab area of Sool region

Sool (SD) – Somaliland’s health ministry coordinator in Sool region opens maternal and child health center in Samakaab area of Yagoori district.

The Maternal and Child Health Center in Samakaab is part of the government’s ongoing projects in improving community services.

The mayor of Yagoori district, Idle Hussein Mohamud, welcomed the construction of the center and said that there is a great need for the residents of the center.

Local speakers and the officials of the company that built the center, who all spoke at the event, thanked for the establishment of the center and said that it is the first facility to be established in the area, promising to value it.

The health officials in Sool region who spoke at the ceremony also thanked the officials of the ministry of health and the minister, praising them for adding the project to the national budget and for meeting the health needs of the region.

The Sool region of Somaliland has experienced significant developmental delays due to recurrent conflicts in those areas.

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