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Somaliland: House of Representatives Promotes Three Districts to “B”

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland House of Representatives approves “B” grade for Aynaba, Talleh and Balli Gubadle districts.
Eleven members of the Somaliland House of Representatives have submitted a motion to increase the rank of 28 constituencies in Somaliland.

The lawmakers proposed that Salahley, Sheikh, Aynaba, Lughaya, Bali-Gubadle, Talleh, Gar-adag, and Hudun districts, which were previously ranked “C”, be promoted to “B”. They also suggested that Gudmo-biyo-cas, Dilla, Baki, Bulli-haar, Garba-dadar, Wajale, Saba-wanaag, Dar es Salaam, Mandhera, Farawayne, Qoryaale, Xis, Yagoori, Hulul, Boon, Dacarta , Width widh, Harsheekh, Haaji Salah were promoted from “D” to “C”.

Lawmakers proposed that El-Afweyn district, which was previously ranked “B”, be promoted to “A” grade.
The proposed motion by lawmakers to promote the ranks of the above 28 districts was largely defeated, with the council only approving Talleh, Balli-Gubadle and Aynaba districts to the rank of “B”.

Lawmaker Abdinasir Qodah, who led the lawmakers in the motion, accused the council’s lawyers of inadvertently violating the motion, taking only three districts, while excluding the other 25 districts.

The class “B” designation provides economic infusion from the central Government, promoting growth and development of the said regions.

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