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Somaliland deports southerners leading to Somalia’s condemnation

Las Anod (SD) – Reports from Las Anod town in Sool region say that the Somaliland police forces have arrested a number of civilians during a security operation in the district.

Somaliland’s Sool regional police commander confirmed to reporters in Las Anod today that security forces had carried out an operation in town, arresting a number of traders from the south.

“People from southern Somalia are foreigners, they are like Ethiopians and we will deport them from Las Anod,” said General Ahmed Abdullahi Abdi.

The commander accused these people of being responsible for the insecurity in Las Anod, and in connection with previous crimes.

Somaliland authorities also told local media that they were investigating the men and some had been already released after being questioned.

The operation came amid a recent spate of insecurity in the city, in which officials and other members were killed by unknown gunmen.

Meanwhile, an statement from the Somalia’s Minister of Justice called the deportation that Somaliland is carrying out in Lasanod district saddening.

“I am deeply saddened by what is happening in Las Anod. The deportation of Somalis from a Somali city is something new in our culture, and it does not reflect the civilization and the governance culture of the state.” The minister said in Facebook post.

Adding “I call on the Somaliland authorities to refrain from such acts that do not reflect Islamic, state or Somali culture.”

The operations have been the subject of much discussion on Somali social media, with lots of people dismayed with the move.

Somaliland oo shaacisay in dadka kasoo jeeda koonfurta ay ula mid yihiin Itoobiyaanka

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