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Somaliland increases salaries for armed forces

Hargeisa (SD) – A statement from the 78th Somaliland cabinet meeting, chaired by the Somaliland president, said the Somaliland government would increase military salaries by 20%.

Reports were heard from the Ministries of Interior, Finance and Development, according to a presidential statement.

Minister of Interior, Mohamed Kahin Ahmed briefed the council on the overall security situation in the country and the efforts of the armed forces to address security and their fight against drugs. The Minister also shared with the Council the need to strengthen monitoring of developments in the Horn of Africa region.

Saad Ali Shire, also shared with the council a report on the 2022 annual budget, after a lengthy discussion, cabinet members made recommendations to the minister regarding Somaliland’s national budget.

The minister, explaining the annual budget, said that this year there will be a 20% increase in the salaries of all armed forces.

Salaries of Somaliland forces was last increased during the time of President Silanyo, when the salaries of the soldiers were increased by 100%.

It has long been speculated that the government of President Bihi will increase the salaries of the army again.

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