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Somaliland Insurance Agency orders all vehicles be insured

Hargeisa (SD) – The chairman of the Somaliland National Insurance Agency, Saleban Awad Ali (Bukhari), today announced uninsured vehicles will no longer be allowed on the roads.

“The National Insurance Agency has issued an order mandating motor vehicle insurance, which aims to insure the damage caused by your vehicle or doing business with.” said the chairman.

He also noted that they have issued similar orders to various motorists in the country obliging insurance companies to cover all sort of vehicles.

“Transportation is very important and our country needs it very much. From today, God willing, it is mandatory for us to start insuring all types of vehicles, because it is important for us,” Said the deputy chairman of the National Insurance Agency, Ms. Sahra Adan Yusuf.

Meanwhile, the Director General of the Somaliland National Insurance Agency, Mr. Abdirahman Muse Abdi, said the law will be enforced and will facilitate further use of the port, citing vehicles using the road from Berbera to Wajale was will be insured which will increase driver’s confidence.

Somaliland motorist never had to insure their vehicles, adding additional financial burdens to small business owners.

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