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Somaliland: Lawmaker claims Ethiopian intelligence were used against him

Hargeisa (SD) -A Somaliland lawmaker from the Sool region and a member of the ruling Kulmiye party, strongly criticized the administration of Muse Bihi Abdi for having him detained in Addis Ababa.

Lawmaker Mustafe Ahmed Abdillahi, at press conference in Hargeisa, revealed while in Addis Ababa, the Somaliland government had ‘used’ Ethiopian intelligence to arrest him.

The lawmaker said Ethiopian intelligence forces seized him from a restaurant in Addis Ababa and took him to a police station.

“Yesterday, while I was sitting in a cafeteria called Garissa, five Ethiopian intelligence agents approached me, they told me to get up. I asked then if they had a warrant. They said no. We’ll question you at the station.” Said the newly elected lawmaker.

Lawmaker Mustafe believes the reason for his brief detention is that he is voting for a coalition of opposition lawmakers.

“They were intelligence operatives, and their identities were known. There was a man from Jigjiga. They took me to the police station. They took my belt and shoes off. They took my mobile phones. The Somali operative accused me of bring US dollars into the country and asked me to confess, ”said Mustafe Ahmed.

Finally, the lawmaker underlined that after a long debate, the Ethiopian intelligence agents told him that Somaliland was behind the accusation, and that they had gone through the Ethiopian embassy.

Lawmaker Mustafe Ahmed upon his return to Hargeisa declared that he would vote for the Opposition Coalition candidates.

The government of President Muse Bihi has not yet responded to allegations made by MP Mustafe Ahmed.

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