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Somaliland issues final warning to Somalis in Sanag

Erigavo (SD) – Somaliland police in Sanaag region have issued a final warning to people from the Southwestern Somalia administration in Sanaag region, adding they would deport anyone who did not leave Somaliland on their own.

Somaliland’s police chief in the Sanaag region, Colonel Saleban Duale Ubahle, warned those still left in the town, he added that they would enter homes and arrest foreigners.

“The army is ready to move in today. The foreigners have been told by the government to leave, and let those who want to stay do so legally. The men who are hiding in the houses and those who are hiding will no longer say that we have not been warned. We will go through the law and issue a warrant. We will go to everyone’s house,” said Ubahle.

Colonel Saleban Duale Ubahle, thanked the people of Erigavo for their good cooperation.

The Sanaag police chief said anyone who tries to hide a foreigner in their home will be prosecuted, through legal channels.

Somaliland authorities are still in the process of evicting non-Somalilanders, especially those from the Southwestern Somalia, accusing them of insecurity in some regions of Somaliland.

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