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Somaliland to register wildlife owned by civilians

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland’s Ministry of Environment has announced that it is conducting a census of wildlife in hotels and other urban areas across the country.

The ministry is conducting the census in the four regions of Marodijeh, Awdal, Sahil, and Togdheer, where all wildlife will be registered.

The census will be carried out by Somaliland Ministry of Environment, led by the director of the wildlife department Abdinasir Hussein Said.

The Ministry of Environment has launched a census of wildlife in the Marodijeh region on November 4, and documented all wildlife owned by civilians.

The move is in line with Somaliland’s Ministry of Wildlife and Forests Act No. 69/2015, which directs the ministry to keep abreast of the number and condition of wildlife.

The Minister of Environment of Somaliland called on the people living in the regions where the registration of wildlife is being carried out to assist in this task and to help the staff of the ministry who are doing it.

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