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Somaliland: Khatumo and Puntland collaborated in blocking voter registration in Buhodle

Buhodle (SD) – Puntland’s Darawish Command in collaboration with local militias in Ayn region, have reportedly succeeded in thwarting Somaliland’s voter registration in Buhodle and other parts of the Cayn region.

The commander of Puntland’s Darawish forces in the Cayn region said they have deployed troops in several areas in Ayn region, adding that residents in the region are opposed to the voter registration throughout the region for local and parliamentary elections in Somaliland.

Khatumo loyalists in Buhodle also said they were making sure that Somaliland’s voter registration does not take place in the region.

Former Khatumo President Ali Khalif signed a peace agreement with Somaliland, causing the fracture of the rebel group.

Somaliland has in recent weeks been conducting voter registration campaign in the eastern part of the country ahead of this year’s elections.

Somaliland officials have yet to comment on the developments in Buhodle, and the effect it may have on the democratic process.

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