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Halimo Yarey: Somalia needs a government that is not ruled from Halane

Mogadishu (SD) – Halimo Ismail Ibrahim (Halimo Yarey) the chairperson of Somalia’s Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) speaking at the 2021 Judicial Conference in Mogadishu today, said that the entity responsible for upholding the Constitution is yet to be stablished.

Chairperson Halimo Yarey said the country had gone through various hardships until a draft constitution that needed to be completed was adopted, and that the work was to be done by an agency yet to be stablished.

“The country’s constitution is a draft but it must be respected. If we do not protect what it says, we will not move forward. There is no institution to protect the constitution though.” Said Halimo Yarey.

Halimo Yarey went on to say, “The regional member states have a constitution and they are following it and they are right. There is a national constitution. Do you think the two constitutions are moving us forward?”

Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission Halimo Yarey proposed the establishment of a Constitutional Protection Agency, adding it will be equipped to resolve the current issues.

Finally, Halima Yarey said that the country (Somalia) needs a government that is not ruled by Halane.

The statement of the Chairperson of the Independent National Electoral Commission Halimo Ismail Ibrahim (Halimo Yarey) comes at a time when a dispute overshadowed the country’s election process.

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