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Somaliland: Lawmaker wanting to question President Bihi denied entry to parliament

Hargeisa (SD) – MP Abdirahman Mohamed Jama (Abdirahman-Xoog), a member of the Somaliland House of Representatives a Wadani Party member, gave his thoughts on President Bihi’s Annual speech and the fact that he was not allowed to enter Parliament.

Abdirahman-Xoog told the Geeska Africa Newspaper that it was illegal for house leaderships not to allow MP’s to ask questions after the speech.

“The president was delivering his annual address to the House of Representatives and the Senate, and briefing them on the situation in the country, we have the legal right to question, hold the president accountable, and it is illegal to reject the questions we wanted to ask the President” said MP Xoog.

Adding “Dahir Rayale used to answer questions about the situation in the country. But the successive Kulmiye governments refused to answer MP’s questions about the situation in the country. I do not know the law forbiting us to ask the same questions to Bihi and Silanyo, but it is clear that the Kulmiye government has made a habit of violating the law, refusing to be held accountable in the national interest. ”

Lawmaker Xoog explained why he did not attend the president’s annual speech to the parliament “”I went to the assembly and the door to the assembly was closed, and I got to the assembly while the speech was going on, and I was prevented from entering by soldiers.

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