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Somaliland Lawmakers and Religious scholars working on Islamic Trade Act

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland’s economic and sharia committees in the House of Representatives, with religious leaders are working on the country’s Trade and Insurgence Acts, making it Sharia complaint.

The committees and the scholars pointed out that the law will help improve business and economic development in the country.

The Deputy Committee Chair of Economic Development, Trade and Finance in the House of Representatives, Ahmed Mohamed Hurre Barkhad, spoke to the media about the importance of the meeting.

“The Sharia Affairs and the Economic Committees of the House of Representatives, we have met some of the country’s religious scholars. The aim was to look at the Insurance Code currently being debated by the House, so that we will be able to get a law that reflects an Islamic society. In fact, the scholars have significantly contributed, know that we are working on an insurance Act, and that this Law will reflect this nation’s values.” Barkhad said.

MP Ahmed Dayib Adan, chair of the Committee of Cultural, Family and Sharia Law in the House of Representatives, also spoke to the media about the need for the collaboration on the Law.

“ Since this is an Islamic country, and there is a need for all of its laws to be Sharia compliant, It was important to involve the country’s religious scholars and they have proposed viable Islamic ideas that are worthwhile.” Said Adan.

Sheikh Abdirahman, one of the religious scholars that are contributing to Somaliland’s insurance law spoke to the media, detailing their role.

“Our plan is to produce legal laws for the community and businesses in accordance with Islamic law if God willing” Sheikh Abdirahman said.

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