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Somaliland lawmakers brawl in parliament

HARGEISA (SD) – Several Somaliland lawmakers have sustained light injuries after brawl flared up in Somaliland parliament over the opening political associations.

Footage posted on social media showed violence and shootings at the entrance of the house in Hargeisa Monday.

According to multiple sources, the scuffle at parliament follows submission of a motion to open registrations of the political parties, a move that the opposition rejected as illegal.

The Opposition UCID and Waddani opposed the amendment tabled by the government, allowing the registration of new political parties.

Somaliland Minister of Information Saleban Koore told the media yesterday that President Muse Bihi has ‘honored the wish of the people’ by enabling the registration of new political parties. Currently only three parties, UCID, Waddani and the ruling Kulmiye are are the official political parties.

”Having the president respected the law of the land, honoring the will and wish of the people, and by exercising the constitutional powers enshrined in the constitution, the president has formally announced that the registration of political organizations are open,” Koore said.

The House of National Assembly disputed for the past couple of weeks on the enforcing of the Law Number 14 which paves the way for the registration of political associations in the country.

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