Somaliland: Government Declares Political Associations Open, Opposition Opposes

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland Government today announced the opening of Somaliland Political Associations in the country.

Somaliland Government Spokesman and Minister of Information Saleban Yusuf Ali Koore addressed the media today said that his party Kulmiye is ready to participate in the elections.

“As a spokesperson of the President of Somaliland, he believes that the law on the opening of political parties in Somaliland is valid. The president’s statement to the assembly was about the election process and it is open to anyone who wants to register a political association.” Said Minister Koore.

When asked about which election will come first, the Presidential Election or the opening of political parties, the Minister of Information put it on the new Somaliland House of Representatives, which he said should answer.

On the other hand, Somaliland’s opposition parties, UCID and Waddani, have strongly opposed the Somaliland government’s decision to open political parties, announced this afternoon by Information Minister Saleban Yusuf Ali Koore.

Waddani party chairman Hirsi Haji Ali Hassan called the government’s decision to open political parties illegal, saying the government could not interfere in the opening of political parties in the Somaliland parliament.

“Article 37 stipulates that the three institutions of the country are independent of each other, and that the constitution prohibits any interference from one party to another. The minister’s comments were a clear interference, “said Hirsi.

The chairman of the opposition UCID party Eng. Faisal Warabe, meanwhile, described the government’s decision as intolerable and said Minister Kore’s remarks today were subversive.

“The minister’s statement today was not a responsible statement. I say to the people of Somaliland, choose between a person and a nation. If the president is not satisfied for 5 years, we will convene a national consultative meeting,” said Faysal.

The law on the opening of political associations is at the Somaliland House of Representatives, which President Bihi returned to amend some provisions, and members of the House are debating whether the law is valid or not.

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