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Somaliland Lawmakers called for cease-fire in Buhodle and Sahil

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland parliament have called for peaceful end to the conflicts in Horufadhi and Beeyo Ma’an districts in Buhodle and Sahil regions.

Somaliland lawmakers Awil Osman Dawiil, MP Abdikarim Omar Farah (Budeeye) both of the Somaliland Senate and MP Mohamed Farah Qabile of Somaliland House of Representatives have called for immediate cease-fire and peaceful co-existence between the two clans in the region of Buhodle and the clashes between the Beeyo Ma’an district in Sahil region.

The MPs also thanked everyone involved in the peacekeeping efforts and urged the brothers and sisters to work towards peace and refrain from violence.

Three people were killed, while four others were wounded in the tribal fighting Buhodle and Sahil regions of Somaliland.

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