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Somaliland: Man Accused of Insulting Djiboutian President found not guilty

GABILEY (SD) – The Gabiley district court in Somaliland has acquitted Arre Suleiman Awleed, a Djiboutian citizen living in Somaliland who is accused of insulting Djiboutian President Ismail Omar Guelleh.

The prosecution appealed the court’s decision, and Arre Suleiman was not released, a move some are calling unconstitutional.

Arre Awleed, is a Djiboutian citizen who lived in Somaliland in recent years. and often criticizes Djibouti’s administration of President Guelleh on social media.

Arre was accused of calling President Guelleh a “killer” and insulting his family, but the court dismissed the case today after a lengthy illegal detention.

Human rights groups have previously criticized the Somaliland government’s approach in the case.

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