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Somaliland Media Watchdog opposes Government shut down of a TV Station

Hargeisa (SD) – The Somaliland Journalists Association(SOLJA) in a statement addressed a recant government shut down of an independent TV station in Hargeisa.

“The Somaliland Journalists Association strongly opposes the government’s takeover of the Star TV station in Hargeisa.” Said SOLJA.

SOLJA in an unusual move questioned the legality of the shut down saying “The organization considers it illegal for a media house or journalist to be arrested without a court order, a minister or mayoral orders should never to be used.

The country’s Journalist Association in their statement addressed efforts to muzzle local media “ In addition, SOLJA has been monitoring threats against certain television stations these days in response to their news coverage of the region and in the country, attempts were made to knock them off the airwaves by employing people who take advantage of such opportunities”.

The watchdog has also urged the Somaliland government to immediately remove its soldiers from Star TV’s center in Hargeisa.

The Somaliland government didn’t give a detailed explanation for its decision in why they shut down the TV station, only saying they’ve revoked its licence.

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