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Somaliland: Mediation committee brings together President Bihi and opposition parties

HARGEISA (SD) – The traditional elders mediating between the Somaliland Presidency and the National Parties over the election dispute today were able to bring the two together.

The traditional leaders urged the parties to continue the talks and resolve the dispute that has disrupted the country’s elections.

President Muse Bihi, blamed for the election dispute, welcomed the meeting but did not give the mediation committee his confidence yet and asked to continue the discussion with the National parties.

National parties, meanwhile, say previous meetings with the president and his party have yielded no results, and requested the mediation committee’s presence and involvement.

The meeting, which marked the beginning of a series of meetings between the two sides, moved the needle a little with the next meeting scheduled following Eid al-Adha.

The debate over the country’s presidential election is based on President Bihi’s desire to postpone the presidential election and register new political parties.

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