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Somaliland military commander “The border is 15 km to Bossaso, Qardho 7 km, and Garowe 5 km away.”

Hargeisa(SD)-Somaliland military commander Abdirisaq Said Bullale has responded to comments from Puntland military commander who said that Badhan is part of Puntland.

“The commander of Puntland forces says Somaliland is al-Shabaab and we cooperate, The world knows that al-Shabaab and piracy have no bases in Somaliland territory and have no relationship with them, I will tell you to take a look at your area and how many bases they have close to your army, ”he said.

“He also said that Badhan was the second capital of Puntland, I will tell the commander that Bossaso is 15 kilometers from our border, Qardo is 7km away and Garowe is 5 km away. I would say learn the geography of the country whom you claim you command its army, the African borders are not based along Tribal lines. The Badhan people are Somalilanders. Most of the troops who went to Puntland in the past have come back and you know that the soldiers who defected were not getting paid.” added the Somaliland commander  

Badhan region became the canter of military attention since soldiers loyal to Somaliland defected to Puntland recently.

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