Telesom and Somcable clash over foreign reliance on Fiber Optic

Hargeisa(SD)-The Somaliland Vice President Abdirahman Saylici opened a Technology conference today in Hargeisa.

The Conference main topic became whether it was wise for Somaliland to rely on others for it’s Fiber Optic needs, since it can get it’s own from it’s long coastline.   

Abdirahim Mohamed Omar, the head of Somcable’s operations, said it was a mistake to keep referring to the fiber optic cables situation as a monopoly their company operates in, and said it was legally obtained.

The head of operations at Somcable said there are words that keep coming up that the Fiber optic is handed over to a sole company(monopoly), but that they went and acquired the contract legally through parliament.

Somcable gets it’s Fiber Optic cables from Djibouti, and it takes a land route to get to Somaliland cities.

Mr. Abdirahim Omer said that there is always competition, whether it’s politics or business, and we should all work with whoever wins, our Somcable will insure the right of all of those in the field with them. 

But the Telesom CEO Abdikarim Mohamed Eid who also spoke at the conference said that Somaliland should not get it’s fiber optic from another country.

Mr. Eid said the bases of telecommunication is Fiber Optics and we should rely on our own Fiber optic from our own sea

Both Gentlemen were speaking at a Somaliland Government hosted Technology conference in Hargeisa.

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