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Somaliland MPs oppose MoU with Ethiopia

HARGEISA (SD) -Some MPs from the western regions of Somaliland described the agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia as illegal.

The parliamentarians, consisting of both the House of Elders and the House of Representatives in Somaliland, rejected the agreement, expressing doubts about its legitimacy.

“We oppose this agreement and any similar agreements because we see these agreements as illegal and against the interests of the people and their religion,” said MP Cumar Nuur.

The MPs argued that conflicting statements have emerged from Ethiopia and Somaliland, with Ethiopia claiming to have obtained a maritime area that Somaliland possesses.

Furthermore, they criticized President Bihi’s administration for failing to engage in meaningful discussions with lawmakers and the public of the western regions, stating that the government had not provided accurate information to the people.

Finally, they asserted that the agreement poses a significant risk to the territorial integrity of Somaliland.

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