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Somaliland National Examination Results Announced

Hargeisa (SD) – The chairman of the Somaliland National Examinations Office, Daud Ahmed Farah, has today officially announced the results of the primary and secondary school examinations.

In all, 32,757 students sat for secondary and primary school, 31,645 students passed and 1,112 students failed respectively.

“There are 21,168 students in primary schools, 20,009 students have passed, 850 students have dropped out, which means 95% have passed and 4% have failed.” Said Chairman Daud Ahmed Farah.

Chairman Daud continued “The total number of Hight School students that sat for the exam were 11,589, the number of failed students were 262, which is 2.28%, so it is evident that the students showed effort because the number of failed students is much lower than in previous years.”

The Chairman also spoke about the number of students who were expelled from certain subjects after being caught cheating, with papers, mobile phones and the like.

According to Chairman Daud, the number of students who failed this year is much lower than in previous years, and it appears that the students have worked hard.

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