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Somaliland: opposition criticize president’s political tour

Berbera September 14,2022 (SD) Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi today travelled to Berbera, Saaxil Region as a part of a political tour to gain support for his desire to delay the Presidential Elections, which the Opposition Parties oppose.

President Bihi, in a futile attempt is desirous in registering weaker political organization and wants their elections be held before the presidential elections.  

On his way to Berbera, Saaxil Region, Mohamed Sadik Dhamme noted that the president’s convoy will go through Laas-Geel District, which has no water and that the community gets its water supplied by tanker-trucks from Lafaruug, in which the Barrel of water costs about two Dollars the equivalent to 15,000 Somaliland Currency.  

Mr. Sadik cited that the hefty financial tourism fee’s from Laas-Geel archaeological ancient cave paintings, which could have helped, goes into the pockets of President Bihi and his cronies, leaving the district impoverished.

The Laas-Geel residents have been severely affected by droughts and lacks the basic services, adding that they should ask and held the President accountable for his five years tenure, Said Mr. Sadik. 

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