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Somaliland opposition leader rejects criticism by Mogadishu politicians over Las’anod evictions

HARGEISA (SD) – One of Somaliland opposition leaders, Feisal Ali Warabe has hit back Somali government and some of the politicians in the Horn of African nation over the recent eviction of people from Las’anod town of region, saying Somaliland leaders executed their responsibilities in accordance with the constitution.

Addressing the media in Hargeisa, the capital city of Somaliland, the UCID party leader claimed that only those in Somaliland before independence in 1960 qualify to be permanent citizens.

“We were attacked in the 1960s, and we got recognition, we went astray, we came back. The Somaliland constitution says the citizens of Somaliland are the people who lived in the sixties and before. Let them know before they settle down,” said Warabe.

Feisal accused Mogadishu of interfering with Somaliland affairs while their country is in flame.

“They should give priority to their country and resolve their problems instead of interfering our country. They should have in mid that Somaliland is independent country,” he said.

The remarks of the leader come on the heel of criticisms UN, Somali government as well politicians from Mogadishu for criticism over the Las Anod evictions.

Somaliland authorities have last week evicted hundreds of people to southern Somalia.

Majority of evictees who are hail from southern had arrived in Galkaayo  town of Puntland state where temporary resettled.

Somaliland seceded from the rest of Somalia after fall of Somalia’s central government led by late Mohamed Siyad Barre in 1990.

The state held number of peaceful parliamentary and presidential elections since the formation of the administration.

Somaliland has not yet gained recognition from international community but several efforts brokered by partners of both sides were carried out without success.

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