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Somaliland Opposition leaders refuse to meet with EU Ambassador

HARGEISA (SD) – Sources close to Waddani opposition party leaders told us that they refused to meet with the Somalia’s EU Ambassador currently in Hargeisa.

The sources said the opposition is disillusioned and believes that ambassador Tiina Intelmann is giving cover to president Bihi’s desire to extend his term in office and dismantle the current national opposition parties.

Presidential elections in Somaliland were set for November 13, 2022, but president Bihi is insisting in registering new and weak political association first.

The EU ambassador met with president Bihi the day before, they reportedly discussed the electoral dispute and wanted to touch base with Waddani leaders.

Waddani Chairman Hirsi Haji and presidential candidate Abdirahman Irro reportedly turned down the meeting, instead sent other top officials to relay the party’s view of her role in the dispute.

The top Waddani officials reportedly told The EU ambassador that they are concerned with the lack of progress in their electoral dispute discussions with her.

Adding that they think Amb. Tiina Intelmann should leave the matter to the opposition parties and their supporters to solve them.

The source confirmed to us that the Waddani representatives that met with Tiina Intelmann informed her of the pending prodemocracy rallies planned by the opposition and the results of government crack which could lead to violent uprising.

The EU Ambassador was not pleased with the opposition leaders turning down her invitation for talks and is said to be concerned about the escalation.

it is not clear if the EU Ambassador is prepared to change tactic in the mediation process or take the opposition’s suggestion and leave Somaliland.

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